****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Robert Hurst: Black Currant Jam

Robert Hurst plays both acoustic and electric bass while leading a flexible team of musicians and vocalists through his creative originals. The core unit of Nate Winn/dr, Ian Finkelstein/p-key, Rafael Statin/sax-woodwinds and Pepe Espinosa/perc are augmented by a rotating team of vocalists Brenda Asante, Jillian Hurst and Faith C. Hall, sometimes going solo, forming a chorus or delivering some poetry.

The team shows its funky side with some richly placed horns and growling tenor forming a street fest with scatting vocals on” Detroit Day” while floating flutes team with Hurst’s earthy delivery n “Afromatin.” Percussion and discussion take place on the Afro themed “Two Beats and a Breath” and come percolating bass clarinet join with a rich groove on “Bela Bunda” Hurst’s bass is pulsating when acoustic on the warm “ Coneys and Vernors” and forms a rivulet when electric as Statin goes from Ben Webster warm to John Coltrane declaratory on the festive “Happy Nappy.” Some Brazilian pulsating joins in a clever use of horns on “Morse Code and Time” and the vibe is infectious on “Keepin It Rio.” As fresh as the smell of a bakery at 4 am!


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