YOU SHOULD BE DANCING! Bee Gees: One For All Tour Live In Australia 1989

Once upon a time, bands not only sang their songs, but they harmonized their vocals together. In this day of indie, grunge or loose jazz improv, this concert by the Bee Gees shows this talent to be a sadly lost art. Caught in good old Australia on a tour promoting their latest two hit albums ESP and One, the brothers Gibb, backed by a versatile and lively band/vocal group, take you from the 60s British Invasion to the dancing days of disco in this almost 2 hour concert captured on Blu Ray.

Voices blend like silk on early pieces like “I Started a Joke” and “Massachusetts,” but it is the melding of high pitched falsetto sounds, created accidentally in the studio, that formed the unique and signature sound that took over every dance hall in the 70s. The band is inspired on material such asn “Stayin’ Alive,” “Jive Talkin’” and “Nights On Broadway,” climaxing on “You Should Be Dancing.” While exceedingly popular at the time, the quality of the harmonized voices stands the test of time. Where did we go wrong?

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