Kim Nalley: Blues People

Vocalist Kim Nalley sings with a vengeance on this collection of songs that touch on many of the various aspects of the blues. The team of Tammy Hall/p-org, Greg Skaff/g, Michael Zisman/b, Kent Bryson/dr and Bryan Dyer/voc is mixed and matched on songs that are going to rattle your previous reference points of songs you’re familiar with. She teams with Hall and a wildly free and passionate “Summertime” and then goes to the TV them from The Jefferson’s for a swaying gospel read of “Movin’ On Up.” She gets into an R&B groove on “Big Hooded Black Man” with Hall’s B3, and with the piano trio pleads with vulnerability on “Sunday Kind of Love.” She gets p reachy with Zisman’s bass on the funky “Listen Here/Cold Duck/Compared To What” and goes to the marrow of the black church on a testifying “Amazing Grace.” She grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go for these 14 tunes. You aren’t going to forget this one!

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