Sam Butler: Raise Your Hands!

Sam Butler street  preaches here as he takes a series of spirituals and Christian related songs and delivers them with the ferver of John the Baptist along with Roosevelt Collier/st-g, Marco Giovino/dr and Viktor Krauss/b. Like a prophet in the wilderness, he’s earnest and raw, with fuzzy guitars wailing on “Heaven’s Wall” and rocking backgrounds that thunder like judgement from above in”TheLord” and “Magnificent.” His voice sounds like he’s lived on locusts and honey, as he growls along the guitar licks of “Full Force Gale” and the blues lick of “Lead Me Father.” His take of Eric Clapton’s “Presence of The Lord” has fire in its bones, and his closing “Sanctuary” is a place for comfort. This guy sings and plays like he’s struggled with sin and the Lord, and the Lord won out, but like Jacob, he’s now walking with a limp.

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