Bill Kirchner: An Evening of Indigos

There’s truth in advertising here; soprano saxist Bill Kirchner teams up with Holli/voc, Jim Ferguson/b and Carlton Holmes/p for a concert from 2014 that is set for dim lights. A mix of instruments and voices create a calm haze over the evening, with material that includes standards as well as originals. Ross’s voice is rich, relaxed and like a balm on” Theme For Gregory” as Kirchner mixes obligatos and calm solos, while the team gets passionate on “The Inaudible Language of the Heart.” Holmes gets the spotlight on a pastoral “Since You Asked” while Ferguson’s bass teams with Ross for meditative “In the Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.”

Kirchner sounds sweet with Homes on “Foolish Little Girl” while Ferguson and Ross song together on the intimate “When You Are Old.” There is a casualness and simplicity about this recording that is completely guileless in its attraction. Simple pleasures.

Jazzheads Records

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