Ori Dagan: Nathaniel-A Tribute to Nat King Cole

Nat “King” Cole gets modernized on this tribute from vocalist Ori Dagan. He teams up with Mark Kieswetter/p, Nathan Hiltz/g, Ross MacIntyre/b for some nifty trio sessions that allude to, but don’t imitate, Cole’s vintage years on pieces like a cozy “Lillete” and Dagan’s own “Sting of the Cactus” with “Bibimbap” that display a strong and warm baritone voice. Drummer Mark Kelso adds extra push on a nifty but not nostalgic “Straighten Up and Fly Right” with Sheila Jordan and Jane Bunnett brings soprano sax and flute for a modern sounding “Complexion” and a Caribbean “El Bodeguero” respectively. Strong and personal millennial swing.


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