NEW YOUNG GROUPS…Trallskogen: Trollskogen, Weird Turn Pro: The Repeatedely Answered Question

Jazz bands are back in style, and here are a couple newer ones with fresh and eclectic ideas
Consisting  of Annika Jonsson/voc, Steffen Lang/g, Martin Jager/p, Felix Hubert/b and Kevin Nasshan/dr, the band called Trallskogen specializes in what they call “Swedish Folk Jazz,” mixing local themes with a post modern feel. Vocalist Annika Jonsson switches between lyrics and vocal effects, going dreamy as she icily floats over the free, loose and rumbling “Intro” and gets declaratory with the thick pulse lead by Hubert’s bass on “Vad Nu.” The team likes to vary the moods within a single song, going from a bluesy sway with piano and bass before  charging int a chaotic cataclysm on “Bergtrail” while getting rocky on the funky “Bitarl.” Jonsson’s voice haunts on the dramatic “Farval” and is stark on the Spartan rocker title track. A mix of modern, tradition and mayhem.
The Hunter Thompson-named Weird Turn Pro is made up of Chris Klaxton/tp, Matt Langley/reeds, Chris Gagne/tb, Mike Walsh/dr, Rob Gerry/b and Mike Effengerger/p mix a pair of standards with dark toned originals by Effenberger on this album. The horns do a lot of long toned unison work, as on the languid “I Get Along Without You Very Well” the trudging “Snowrise” and moaning rubato of “A Cloud From Above.” Some piano and percussive musings team with Klaxton’s muted trumpet on the pastoral “Wide Open” and Langley’s bass clarinet gets melancholy on “All Around You.” Some electric effects stretch out Chopin’s “Prelude No Four” while Gerry bows along the anthematic “Grew Dim, and Went Out Forever.” Long dark shadows.

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