Satoko Fujii Quartet: Live At Jazz Room Cortez

Pianist Satoko Fujii brings together a free form quartet with Keisuke Ohta/vio-voc, Natsuki Tamura/tp-voc and Takashi Itani/dr-perc for a pair of long improvisations performed at the jazz Room Cortez in Mito, Japan back in Dec. 22, 2016. The 18 minute “Convection” mixes loose percussion and piano before guttural voices akin to Tibetan Monks joins in. The 30+ minute “Looking Out of the Window” includes folk  voices as well as stringy and edgy violin sounds with Fujii’s piano varying between ambiance and jabs for Tamura’s gasping and shouting trumpet. The music is highly intuitive, mixing atmosphere with mayhem.

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