SOUTH AMERICA, THEN AND NOW…Andina: The Sound of the Peruvian Andes, Corina Bartra: Takunde

If you’re only exposure to Peruvian music is pan flutes and charangos, hang on tight!

Andina is a collection of various bands ranging from folk, psychedelic big bands and even electronic rock collected from 1968-1978. Earthy and primitive funk from Los Domonios Del Mantaro create an exciting “La Chichera” while wailng saxes graze over percussion on Los Compadres Del Ande on “La Mecedora” and La Peruanita’s “Recuerda Corazon.” Lows Jelwees mambo through “Caymenita” while B-Movie tunes sizzle on “Luch Neves Y Su Orquestra’s “Caymenita.” Even some African guitar gets into the scenario on “El Lorcho” and “La Celosa.” Wild in the streets!

Vocalist Corina Bartra mixes her own compositions with both traditional Afro-Peruvian songs and material from the jazz standard book with her team of Steve Sandbeg/p, Victor Murillo/b, Jay Rodriguez/sax, Seth Johnson/g, Perico Diaz/caj and Vince Cherico/dr. Her own material includes a richly undulaing “urple Heart Sky” that includes Murillo’s warm tenor and exciting percussion, while the fun and quirky “Marinera Jazz” makes for a rich pulse, and the folksy “Paseo De Aguas” results in a dramatic climactic finish. Bartra is in wonderfully elastic voice on  Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and is earthy on the folksy “El Tamalito” while the team glides with sensuality on a crisp take of Tom Jobim’s “Samba De Aviao.” Modern traditions!

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