A RICH VOICE…Lili Anel: I Can See Bliss From Here, Another Place, Another Time

Here is a lady with a voice that gives hints of artists ranging from Phoebe Snow to Nina Simone. Lili Anel sings with soul and vulnerability while also playing a richly textured guitar. She’s recently released a long playing album as well as an ep, with little to choose between the two.

The long player I Can See Bliss From Here has her doing 12 original compositions ranging from a funky salsa “Something To Do” complete with horns and timbales to a deeply personal “Today” which has her only with voice and guitar. In between, there is a noirish jazz “Blindsided #2” and sepia toned “Out Of Control” along with a Delta blues on “Go Home” that has the singer with red clay under her nails. All of the tunes, such as “Blindsided” and “Got Me Thinking” are intimate and vulnerable, with her vocal flexibility bringing you inter her biographical lyrics.

The 6 song ep opens with a funky title pieces, but the rest of the time she keeps it mellow and intimate with Dale Melton/p-B3, Chirco Huff/b and Jonathan Whitney/dr as she plays acoustic guitar on the folksy “Forgotten” and confessional “I’ll Never Forget You.” She wears her heart on her sleeve, bringing you into the deep recesses of her soul. Not easy in this day of feelings with no emotions.



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