Antonio Adolfo: Hybrido

Subtitled “From Rio to Wayne Shorter,” this album by pianist/arranger Antonio Adolfo asks “What if Wayne Shorter had been born in Brazil?” The fact is that the jazz icon has released some impressive albums that have the Brazilian flavor such as Native Dancer, but Adolfo takes it an extra step.

With Lula Galvao/eg, Jorge Helder/b, Rafael Barata/dr, Andre Siqueira/perc, Jesse Sadoc/tp, Marcelo Martins/ts-ss and a handful of guests, Adolfo does some irresistable samba work on pieces from various phases of Shorter’s career. A warmly toned “ESP” includes lithe sounds form Martins’ soprano, while a muscular tenor drives along on a breezy “black Nile.” Adolfo and Barata create a  wonderful foundation for Martins’ flute on “Beauty and the Beast” and Sadoc’s trumpet shines brightly on “Deluge.” Ze Renato adds some lovely lyrics to accompany Helder’s hip bassline on “Footprints” and even the leader’s sole original “Afrosamba” fits right into the Shorter songbook, with enough curves in the harmonies to accompany the sizzling fastball of rhythm. Highly successful sunny side of Shorter.

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