****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Matt Otto with Ensemble Iberica: Iberica

Tenor saxist and composer Matt Otto puts together a thoroughly original, accessible and exciting session that mixes jazz with Andalusian sounds on this clever session. The unorthodox team includes the “Ensemble Iberica (Beau Bledsoe/g-oud, Jordan Shipley/g-cav, Michael McClintock/eg-tres) along with Brad Cox/Rhodes, Karl McComas-Reich/b-cel and Mike Stover/steelg. Together, Otto blows a smoky tenor along with rich guitar strings on pieces like “Elm” and “Viewed In” while “St. Paul” takes you on a majestic folk journey with Shipley’s cavaquino, and Echolalia delivers flamenco sketches. Even the steel guitar works on “John Henry” and moody blues bubble up with electric guitar and Otto’s tender tenor on “Langston.” You feel like you’re hiking the Way of St. James in the hills of Spain on this wonderful sonic pilgrimage. You won’t be disappointed!

You’ll want “moor” after taking this in!


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