Trio Mediaevel & Arve Henriksen: Rimur

Voices and horn coalesce to create rich and meditative moments as the Trio Mediaevel (Anna Maria Friman/voc-fid, Linn Andrea Fuglseth/voc and Berit Opheim/voc) create a gleaming stained glass window of sounds to be complemented and contrasted with Arve Henriksen’s voice inspired trumpet.The songs themselves range from Nordic folk to religious, but the solemn and meditative moods prevail no matter the topic. Contemplative voices and violin create a candle glow of atmosphere on pieces such as “O Jesu Dulcissime” while the chants and horn give a rich liturgical milieu during “Rosa Rorans Bonitatem.” Voices reminiscent of high church choirs  reverberate with Henriksen’s dignified horn on “Morgunstjarna”  while dark scents from incense are heard on “Sulla Lulla.” If this team goes on tour, it will be a must see; this is a wonderful mix of music, tradition, creativity and worship.

ECM Records

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