INNOVATIVE IDEAS FROM INNOVA…Mari Kimura: Voyage Apollonian, Dana Jessen: Carve

Intriguing experimental ideas deliver pleasing results on these two albums from Innova Records.

Julliard professor Mari Kimura plays her violin with an interactive computer to include sounds that explore the undertones and subtones of her instrument. She creates the appearance of a second string, without the concept coming across as a gimmick, as she creates pizzicato dialogues on “Frevo” or the Sibelius themed “Breuer Vivant.” Modern classical rhapsodies are felt on “Canon Elastique,” while with electronics, she creates sepia moods on “Kaze (The Wind” or visceral melancholia on “Voyage Apollonian” while fascinating textures  abound with strings sighing on “Jan Maricana.” Lots to pay attention to here.

Dana Jessen plays bassoon and teams it with electronic musings on this collection of ideas. The reeds sigh softly on “Carve (postlude)” while shrieking like vocals on “Carve (only reed). “ deep sounds and sighs penetrate n “Cadenza and Degradations” while hints of 7s Tomita produce electronic pulses on”Fireflies in Winter” that will make you grab for the swatter. Her bassoon goes percussive on “Points Against Fields” while she swirls like a trapeze artist on “Carve (with teeth).” Look Ma, no hands!

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