SOUNDS FROM AFAR…Arcomusical: MeiaMeia, Marcus Corbett: Every Little Spirit

Worlds colliding, and no one’s complaining!

So, how many albums with the berimbau do you have? Exactly? This one has SIX of them, performed in solo or group form by Gregory Beyer, Alexis C. Lamb, Christopher Mrofcza, Kyle Flens, Abby Rehard, Alexv Rolfe and Daniel Eastwood. The stringed lilt of the instrument can sound like a guitar, kora or even a emulate a percussion instrument in the right hands, or fingers. “Home-ing” comes off like an Irish jig, while “Mudanca de Onda has a harp-like quality. Sounds akin to African percussion snap on “Palindromo” while guitar like impressions are on the Quartet piece “Chip.” Each piece has a rich gracefulness to it, and nothing here sounds like a novelty as much as a rich collection of serenades. Very rewarding.

Marcus Corbet mixes Central Asia with American on this collection of eight pieces. He teams up with flutist (bansuri) Milind Date, percussionists Nitin Gaikwad-Sharanappa Guttaragi and violinists Anjali Singde-Rao and Sanjay Upadhye. Rich and nasally voices by Saylee Talwalker mix with deep subtones by the leader on the moody “Strung Deep” while Corbett’s own voice in solo form is reminiscent of vintage Kenny Rankin on the intricate “Get Set Free” and the folksy “Nothing More Than This.” Sitar like effects mix with flute effects on the percolating “Loving Kind” with a bluesy lick adding a Nashville Skyline” while the tablas simmer. Clever and accessible from two sides of the globe.

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