Nate Hook: Progressive Overload

The quintet of Travis Reuter/g, Billy Test/p-key, Louis De Mieulle/b and Paolo Cantarella/dr is spearheaded by composer Nate Hook, who mixes up his sax and flute for some thinking man’s post bop. His tenor is strong and pungent on the complex and tricky pattern of “You Probably Thought This Would Be Fun” which shows off the mind reading capacities of Cantrarella. Hook’s tenor is able to get soft and fluffy, teaming with Mieulle on the attractive “Dialog Day.” Hook is graceful on “Return to Scarcity” and works with Test’s chining piano on “Little Demons.” The rhythm team shows it can bop with the best on “Yelling at the Stereo” as well as the snappy “Red Hawk” and the team gels well together on the melancholy “Lacrimosa.” Brainy and boppy.

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