Alex LoRe Quartet: More Figs and Blue Things

Alex LoRe puts together a quartet for his (mostly) alto sax that includes the post bop team of Glenn Zaleski/[p, Desmond White/b and Colin Stranahan/dr for ten originals that give away an influence of Miles Davis circa ESP. Lore’s horn glows along with Stranahans’ ride cymbal on “Southbound” and the entire team sounds unrushed as LoRe is softly floating over White’s bass on “And Mending.” The team sounds sleek on “Cold Spring” and adds some curious sound effects akin to crickets on “Cold Spring,” a tune which features Lore on the xaphoon, which is essentially a pocket sax fit for travelling. Zaleski is rich and reflective on the title track, while Lore years on “No More Blue Skies.” A warm heart of a session, both loose and alluring.

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