Tim Davies Big Band: The Expensive Train Set

Drummer Tim Davies leads two different bands here, one from Los Angeles, USA and the other from Melbourne, Australia, and they  both swing with class. For the California band, the horn sections show lots of punch on “Minor Incidents” and the moody and richly textured title track as Brian Owen/tp and Jacques Voyemant/tb contribute rich solos. The Aussies do a hip rework of the classic “Sing Sing Sing” with Tony Hicks’ clarinet and the reeds do some reflections worthy of a stained glass window on “Jazz Vespas” with Tim Wilson’s flute and Andrew O’Connell’s tenor taking the spotlight. The ballad “Let Sleeping Questions Lie” includes vocals that are penetrating by Ray Yarbrough, and the rhythm section gets a workout on “Goon Juice.” The charts had some thought put into them on this disc!


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