A PAIR OF FOURS…Andy Adamson Quartet: A Cry For Peace, Julphan Tilapornputt’s Quartet: Regards To You II

The quartet is arguably the core of jazz. Everyone gets a chance to shine, and there’s always a lead instrument. Here are a couple fresh and modern examples.

Keyboardist Andy Adamson bring together Dan Bennett/sax, Brennan Andes/b and Jonathan taylor/dr for a collection of his emotive originals. Adam’s touch on the piano gives a hint of McCoy Tyner, particularly on the extroverted modal pieces like “Follow Yo9ur Heart” and the searing “Angel Fire” which has Bennett’s tenor reaching for the moon. The rhythm team gets dramatic on “Conquistadore” and Bennett blueses it up on “The Secret of Life” before switching to soprano for to team with the leader’s chiming chords on “ Early One Morning. “ Rich harmonics from keyboards get rocking on “Inner Circle”, cut everything here is filled with passion.

Julphan Tilapornputt plays acoustic, electric and classical guitar in a wide ranging collection of emotions in song. With Joe Wagner/ts, Jeong Hwan P ark/b and Ken Ychicawa/dr the band is able to propulse on “Bricks” and the penetrating “Galleria” and even mix acoustic with tricky post bop on “Song For My Uncle.” Strings and tenor get tender on “Up to the River” and things get folksy on “ From the End of Tales” with discreet quietude on “ Milky Assembly.” Park’s bass and Ychicawa’s brushes are deft on “Number One” while the latter flexes his muscles on the driving title track. Acoustic with meat!




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