Simon Frick: Solo

First off, you’re not going to believe the disclaimer that “everything you hear on this album has been played on the violin using different playing techniques and effect pedals.” When you think of “solo violin,” you usually think of Bach Partitas or something, but Simon Frick makes music that ranges from swinging jigs on “Escape” to hard rock on “Human” and just about everything in between. He takes a piece such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Kurt Cobain and turns it into a piece of dynamic majesty, while he creates a bass groove in “Moments”  and “ATWA” that sets the foundation for other stringed adventures. He slaps the strings like Milt Hinton on “Veilchenalkowohl” and goes folksy on ”Medium,” but no matter what the mood or sound, it never comes across like Frick is resorting to gimmicks; rather he is using everything he has (literally at hand) to take you on journeys that this vehicle is not normally known for. The tires wear well!

Boomslang Records

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