Pimps of Joytime: Jukestone Paradise

The Pimps of Joytime are Brian J/b-g-voc-key, Matyeana Morales/voc-perc, Cole Williamsx-voc-perc, David Bailis/b-moog and John Staten/dr. Together, they make sounds like you’re going back in time to a 70s disco, with rock boogie on “Red Golden” and gobs of synthesized percussion and hythms bouncing everywhere ad on “Waiting For My Ride” Party pulses are heard on “Freedom Dancer” and you even get a hint of “Turkey In THe Straw” on “The Jump.” Riffing guitars like Earth Wind and Fire are heard on “Cut Off” and the rest of the session is just waiting for Don Cornelius to introduce it.

Write Home Records


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