Clare Fischer Big Band: Pacific Jazz

Directed by Clare Fischer’s son Brent, this big band boasts some wonderful LA legends through a collection of fun and fascinating charts. Studio studs like Bob Sheppard/ts-ss, Andy Martin/tb, Carl  Saunders/tp and Scott Whitfield/tb are just some of the guest on these charts which include a clippety clopped clever take of “Cherokee,” a hard bopping “Ornithardy” and an angularly askance “Mood Indigo.” The sax section does the famous Ben Webster solo on “Cottontail” with verve, and then there is a powerfully funky “Son of a Dad” that gets  you up on the floor. Most surprising is a hard hitting take of “Eleanor Rigby” that might raise a few eyebrows, and Old School values come even with the hiss of the needle on an lp during the swinging “Sad About Nothing Blues.” Adventurous in the big band realm-straightahead with just a couple hairpin turns.

Clavo Records

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