Cynthia Felton: Save Your Love For Me

This is about the third album I’ve heard by this vocalist, and each one knocks me out. This time, the clarion voiced lady does a tip of the sombrero to the Nancy Wilson songbook, and she makes it work very well with a rotating team that includes (but isn’t limited to) Cyrus Chestnut-Paturce Rushen-John Beasley/p, EdwinLivingston-Tony Dumas/b Jeff “Tain” Watts-Terri Carrington/dr, Ernie Watts/ts, Wallace Roney/tp and Jeff Clayton/as.

She grabs you by the throat with a golden take of the gospel tune “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and the penetrates beyond skin deep with Donald Brown’s  piano on “The Old Country.” She’s confident as she dances over Watt’s drums on “Dearly Beloved” and is as down home jazzy with Jeff Clayton’s alto on “West Coast Blues” as you’d ever desire. Carol Robbins’ harp frame Felton as she grits her teeth on “Guess Who I Saw Today” and Felton continues her defiance on “Never Will I Marry.” Her tender and crystalline fragrance with Ronald Muldrow’s graceful guitar on “I Wish You Love” displays the other side of this multi-faceted lady. Gotta see her in concert!

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