Richard X Bennett: Experiments with Truth, What is Now

Composer and pianist Richard X Bennett shows two sides of his musical mind on a pair of releases.

Experiments with Truth have Bennet teamed with a quintet of Adam Armstrong/b and Alex Wyatt/dr as well saxists MattParker/ts-ss and Lisa  Parrott/bs-as. The result is a collection of complex and dark hued pieces such as the raga grooved “The Fabulust” as well as the Southern Indian “Portrait in Sepia” which gives hints of Ellingonian reeds. A two part “Durga Suite” includes harrowing directions and tones, with agonizing baritone and tenor work, while Parker’s soprano sears on “Where He Walked.” Sounds of dark recesses.

On the other side of the equation, Bennett comes across as a graceful melodist on his trio album with Armstrong and Wyatt. Pieces such as “Vital Grace” and “Around We Go” beg for accompanying lyrics, and there’s a gentle pastoral feel to “Andiamo “ and “Sefrou Soil.” A take of “Over The Rainbow” is clever and original, adding to and not detracting from the original concept. Joyful ivories.

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