Tryyo: Flying Box

Here’s a trio for the unorthodox; trombonist Michael Vlatkovich gets together with cellist Jonathan Golove and drummer Damon Shor for a Decalogue of originals. The team has a Mingusy feel, mixing loose post bop with gut level swing and blues. Vlatkovich uses his trombone in a variety of moods, making it cry on “Exposed to Higher Concentrations…” and swinging with all get out on “The Snakes Always Talk…” while he uses warmth and space with Short on “Wanted Tambourine Player Hair Stylist.” He can growl with the best on a plunger during the frisky “Communicating Their Silence” and wrestles with the rhythm on “May I Have A Few More Polka Dots.” Fun music with one foot in the tradition and the other stepping into an elevator shaft.

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