Ross Feller: X/Winds

Composer Ross Feller mixes modern classical with jazz on this wide ranging collection of eight pieces. Material ranging from solo, duets and larger ensembles are given a 21st Century direction. “Franklin Cox goes solo on his cello as it bends and snaps like Reese Witherspoon on “Glossolalia” and Dorothy Martirano’s violin goes electro-acoustic to create buzzing sounds that give hint of a Bette Davis mystery movie. Peter Evens’ trumpet splats and burps on “Bypassing the Ogre” and Adam Tendler’s  piano echoes with drama on “Still Adrift.” “Triple Threat” includes three soloists and a 9 piece ensemble that has scratching strings that the fragmented trumpet itches while Ted Gurch’s bass clarinet sub-tones as he lurks on ”Sfumato.” Moods and textures.

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