Gerry Gibbs & Thrasher People: Weather Or Not

Son of famed vibist Terry Gibbs, drummer Gerry has lead consistently creative bands that keep the tradition alive while moving forward into new territories. This 2 disc album with Alex Collins/key and Hans Glawischnig/b features half the music dedicated to Weather Report and the other half to original creations.

You know the music must be impressive when the tribute gets an endorsement from none other than Wayne Shorter. Pieces like “Teen Town” and “Black Market” have some flight of fancy fingerwork by Collins on piano, while the team changes gears with aplomb on “Birdland” and “Punk Jazz.” The trio creates deep grooves on “Sightseeing” and does a bluesy shuffle on “Mr. Gone.” The music sounds remarkably fresh for 40 years old.

Even so the sixteen originals ranging from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. The feels range from swing, to calypso, funk and R&B n the originals, while some flamenco on “Joaquin and Pink” just for extra texture. Nimble bebop is on display on “Paul & Sid’s Blues” while some gospel gets the congregation moving on“Road Trip.” Flexible, fun and funky, with extra sounds and textures to keep you guessing. When are they hitting LA?

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