CCM Jazz Orchestra: In Search of Garaj Mahal

The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music presents a swinging band directed by Dr. Scott Black and featuring guitarist Fareed Haque on a collection of exciting and varied tunes. The 17 piece band has a horns section that crates some rich harmonies as on “Chester the Pester” and a big fat bluesy with brass  “Hindi Gumbo,” both which feature some exciting guitar work and a pulsed drum by David Albanese. The fun part about this album is that the orchestra is not afraid to add clever and exotic spices to the mix; “Witchdoctor” includes some table and kitschy reeds along with Josh Klines tenor sax solo, and Haque’s sitar-like guitar , synth and spacey sounds mix with energetic and tricky themes add some Central Asian fragrances to “ A Fur Piece” and “The Chant. Lots of fun is found here on this National Geographic sonic journey.

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