Alessandro Fadini: A Dark and Stormy Day

Pianist Alessandro Fadini brings together a subtle and spacious team of Josiah Boornazian/as-ss, Jakob Dreyer/b and Lu ke Markham/dr through a subtly swinging session that is filled with lovely  pastels. Boornazian’s alto is Konitz-cool and lyrical, opening the album with a arm improvisation of the title track. After that, you get soft flower petals floating as piano and bass daintily dance on “Windo Ledge” and Markham’s brushes sashay on”Elegy For The Living World.” Together, the rhythm team creates some subtle undercurrents for Boornazian on the tensile “No Thrills II” and funky Juno.” Fadini shows his patience on the quietude of “No Thrills I” and the nimble “Mayall’s Object” Thoughtful, filled with the pastels and grey shadows of song.

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