Naomi Moon Siegel: Shoebox View

On one hand, you have accessible melodies and concise songs by Naomi Moon Siegel that feel like easy going folk and indie tunes. But then, because she features herself on the trombone, piano and keyboard along with a wide range of eclectic guests, there is a bohemian jazz vibe here as well.

She has a core team of Sean Woolstenhulme/g-banj, Eric Eagle/dr-perc and Wayne Horvitz/key, but there are various strings, reeds and percussion/electronic floating in and out at will. The team sometimes gives an almost country/western feel as organ, trombone and strings mix on “It’s Not Safe” and rural folk moods mix with acoustic guitar and lyrical keyboards on “Mama Sanchaba” and “Ukelady.” The B3 on “Ever Yes” creates a late night nostalgic feel, and the guitar strums with trombone gasp and trudge along on the quirky “”Brown, Grey,Orange Green” while there are multiple textures on “Jeannine’s Joy.” A mix of many styles, moods and colors create a rich palate.

Break Open Records

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