Vasil Hadzimanov Band featuring David Binney: Alive

Pianist and keyboardist Vasil Hadzimanov has his band captured in concert while on tour back in 2014 in Serbia. He’s teamed up with Miraslov Tovirac/b, Peda Milutinovic/dr, Branko Trijic/g, Bojan Ivkovic/perc-voc along with featured guest David Binney/as for a show of original band compositions. Trijic’s guitar gets a bit rocky as he twangs with Binney’s alto on “Odlazim” while hints of Pat Metheny are captured by the band on the upbeat “Nocturnal Joy.” Hadzimanov’s piano goes genteel and soft on “Razbolje…” while post bop sounds are emitted on the clever and tricky “Uaiya.”  The band shows how to dig deep into a soul groove on “Tovarifro” while they enter the space race on a synthesized “Ostrrice Snova.” Must have been a fun tour!

Moon June Records

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