SIX STRINGS IN TWO SETTINGS…Henry Robinett: I Have Known Mountains, Jake Hertzog: Well Lit Shadow

Here are a couple guitarists who approach the jazz side of life in two different ways to create moods.

Henry Robinett plays a variety of guitars along with joe gilman/p, Tom Brechtlein/dr, Joshua.  Thruston-Milgrom/ab, Rob Lemas/eb and Dominic Edward Garcia/perc through a dozen originals. The mood is optimistic and upbeat. He’s got a clean sound as he strums and picks while Brechtlein delivers a forward  pulse on “Change,” “Crush” and “My Amigo,” all with lyrical aplomb. Some latin feel slides in on the tricky “Sprung” with piano and percussion adding sizzle to “When Love Returns.” The standout is an 11 minute opus, “American Rivers” which has Robinett switching guitars and moods left and right for a dramatic effect on this panorama of sound. Well put together.

Jake Hertzog doesn’t have to worry about other band members getting in the way, as he puts together “A Suite For Solo Electric Guitar” that mixes melody and space. The ten part album opens with an eerie “Introduction” before gliding into pensive spaciousness that is picked and strummed on “Star Drops” and “Color Detection.” The is a gentleness to the album, as on the finger work on “Trace Of You” that is fragrant and tender, with the album closing with a contemplative “Ever Unseeable.” Gentle sparkles.

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