Christian Winther: Refuge In Sound

With some artists, you can just tell by listening that they like playing their instrument. That’s the impression you get with tenor saxist Christian Winther as he leads a team of Allyn Johnson/p, Reuben Rogers/b, Billy Williams Jr/dr and Mike Moreno/g through a collection of rich originals.

His tone on the tenor is full and warm, and he swings it like an axe on the modal “Tune For Trane” and toe tapping title track. He can make the sax sigh as on “Blues Life,” while he teams up with vocalist Christie Dashiell for an intriguing tribute to the famed pianist Mulgrew Miller on “One For Mulgrew.” Moreno gets some solo space on the thriving “Looking Back” and “Outsider” and the rhythm can go into the deep  pocket or out on the explorative without dropping a stitch. It’s comforting to hear a tenor player emphasize sound without sacrificing chops in this day of thin toned abstractions.

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