BEYOND THE STANDARDS…Barb Jungr: Shelter From The Storm, Mala Waldron: Deep Resonance

Here are a couple of female vocalists that sound fresh in selecting and delivering material.

Barb Jungr goes beyond the usual Tin Pan Alley with Kurt Elling’s pianist Laurence Hobgood and Michael Olatuja/b and Wilson Torres/perc. Her voice is cider sweet, and she’s not shy with trying clever material by the likes of David Bowie on “Life On Mars?/Space Oddity”and Bob Dylan “All Along The Watchtower” with both swinging effectively. She gets percussive to Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” and adds interesting hues to “Something’s Coming.” Lots of original ideas here, and she makes them all seem logical as well as fresh.

Daughter of famed pianist Mal Waldron, vocalist and pianist herself Mala Waldron also writes almost all of the tunes for this impressive 6 song ep. Her voice and delivery have an earnestness and sincerity, whle her touch on piano is confident. The songs change in atmospheres; Vincent Gardner’s trombone adds some muscle to “Life Is Now,” while Akua Dixon’s cello creates celestial seasonings on Joni Mitchell’s “Jericho.”  A chamber feel is presented by Allen Won’s bass flute during “Mon Amour” and the simpatico piano/bass work with Marurizio Rolli is nice and shadowy on “I Know.” Impressive.

Linn Records

Soulful Sound Music

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