Eric Olsen Revision Quartet: Sea Changes

Pianist Eric Olsen works on creating a new songbook with Don Braden/ts-ss, Ratzo B. Harris/b and Tim Horner/dr on this latest release of his. He puts new wineskins on material ranging from the church to the concert hall here, and it works amazingly well.

I took a couple of listens before I realized that “Be Thou My Vision” was the song I heard in the pews, as the rhythm team creates a modal mood for Braden’s tenor, while his soprano sears over a 6/8 groove on George Harrison’s “Something.” Horner hits the skins like a castenet on “Carmen Prelude” and Harris’ bass daintily dances with Olsen on a trio read of Chopin’s “Waltz in C# Minor,”  glowng i like midnight stars. Olsen’s keyboard work drives the team on a charging “In The Hall of The Mountain King.” This is a rare instance of a great idea getting the treatment it deserves.  Anyone who can bring together music from Baby Boomers, the 19th Century and the Trinity Hymnal must be doing something right.Bravo!

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