Carol Welsman: Alone Together

Carol Welsman brings her vocal and piano skills to team up with Rufus Reid/b, Lewis Nash/dr, Wallace Roney/tp, Jay Azzzolina/g and Steven Kroon/perc for some fresh takes of standards and jazz tunes. She’s got a calm and wistful voice, and it works well on the modernly swinging material such as “Day By Day” and the cozy and cymbal tapped “My Ship.” She sounds intimate with Kroon’s percussion and Azzolina’s guitar on “Sand in My Shoes” whele she struts in high heels with Roneys trumpet on “The Blues Are Out of Town.” Her piano work is reflective on the tender and glowing “I Didn’t Know About You” and is as clear as the stars on “If The Moon Turns Green.” Lots of allure here.

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