Holy Forest: Holy Forest

Mixing the sounds of America and Africa, the band Holy Forest takes you from the urban life to the bush on these 11 songs. The man vocals are by the earthy and earnest Ed “Preachermann”Holley and the penetrating Spartha Sway. There’s a mix of Memphis, Afro funk and Western African folk as Din Din Jobarteh’s kora chimes along with a sax and horn team on “Africa Clling” and the swampy “Lion’s Door.” There is a genteel plead by ST Tate and  Din Din Jobarteh along with folksy guitars and drums on “Nyokonole” and Spartha Swas duet with guitarist Jon Fine creates a restive “Entao Me Love.” Some reggae and bluesy calypso sizzle on “Walking Dead” and “Woodstock Dub” respectively and most fun of all is Fine’s surfer guitar on the jazzy “Bahia.” A definite continental drift.



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