Brooklyn Gypsies: Sin Fronteras

Gypsies indeed! These artists come from all over the world, representing Spain, Japan, Russia, Italy, Russia and even the US! Carmen Estevez Calero/voc-perc, Tina Kristina/voc-b, Takuya Nakamura-tp-synth-b, Troy Simms/ss-as, Brandon Lewis/dr and Moreno Visini/oud make up the band, songs and moods here on a far ranging smorgasbord of sounds and flavors.

You get a mix of Japanese strings and  hip hop on “BK Gypsy Dancehall” while Egyptian strings whirl around with a djembe and the ladies sing voraciously on “Zeina.” Moody chants and Indian atmospheres mix with electronic Bollywood  percussion on “Supercore” and hip hop adds into the Central Asian sounds on “Dream Snake.” Calero and Kristina have ravenous voices that pierce through the percussion and moods on the jazzy “Camels of Blue” and they take you to an Arabic desert on “Marfa.” Sort of like being lured into an exotic disco in The West Bank.


Wonderwheel Recordings

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