Kevin Fort: Red Gold

Chicago-based  pianist Kevin Fort has a touch as deep as a Giordano’s pizza with a trio that sizzles like a hot dog at The Weiner’s Circle on this album that mixes jazz standards with originals. The team does a soft shoe with a deft take of “When Your Lover Has Gone” and can go dainty like a drizzle on “Never Let Me Go,.” The rhythm team is as crisp as Al Capone’s lapels on “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” and can get as breezy as the late innings at Wrigley on the dreamy read of Jim Hall’s “All Across The City.” Fort spotlights his warm and authoritative touch with a warm glove of a solo reading of “”Cheer Up, Charlie” while on his own pieces Hayes lays down a nice little groove on “Coastin’ In” and the team sounds as classy as a polished Rolls Royce on “Whirled and Whirled Above.” The interplay between the three is as tight as the Santo-Kessinger-Beckert infield, while they show enough depth to win any short series. This is one Chicago team that is a definite winner and playoff contender.

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