Allan Moon: Children of the Call

Singer/songwriter Allan Moon writes some thoughtful lyrics on this album that mixes folk and blues rock in an earthy milieu. There’s some old school acoustic rock on “Karolina” and old school electric rock on “June Ray” that both feature an earnest and convincing Moon who shines well here. He comes across luminously with some rich steel guitar from Uri Brauner Kinrot on “Sister Dapnha” and as folksy as a starry night on the back porch cozy Oh Michael”  and the Delta toned “Brainwashed.” Some honky tonk will have you howling at the crescent night air on “Kelly” while you’ll feel a stark and dark night on “Bodyless.” All of the songs have thoughtful and ruminative messages, yet clothed in basic American gear. Intriguing.

Songbird Records

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