XY VOICES! Paul Jost: Breaking Through, Jua: Colors of Life

Jazz vocalists have about the same guy to girl ratio as colleges, at least a 2:1 differential. It’s like Surf City! Here are a couple guys that I think you’ll like.

Paul Jost has a voice that has Elling’s elasticity with a dash of Broadway clarity. He’s mostly matched here with a trio of Frank Strauss/p, Steve Varner/b and Don Monaghan/dr with cameos here and there by other guests. He does some bending of “I Got Rhythm” with the keyboard support that twists it like an Abba Zabba, while his scatting on the hip bopper of McCoy Tyner’s “Blues on Corner” is a Bunsen burner delight. He can get down and dirty as well, showing scuff under his nails on “I Don’t Need No Doctor” while also skating like an Olympiad with vibist tony Micili on Jim Hall’s “Waltz New.” When’s this guy coming to the West Coast?!?

Jua (no last name? OK!) works on seduction here. He’s got a breathy low tenor voice and soulful delivery, and makes it work on material ranging from Sam Rivers’ flexible “Beatrice” to lyrical “Believe.” The teammates Roger Byam/ts-ss, Shan Kenner/g, Onaje Allan gumbs/key, Gregory M. Jones/b, Vince Ector/dr and Gary Fritz/perc can allow Jua to float like clouds as on a gorgeous “Old Devil Moon” or get moody with silhouettes as on “You’re My Alter Ego.” He displays a rich vibrato with some classical guitar on a passionate “Love Came On Stealthy Fingers” and goes wispy and dreamy with Byam’s tenor on “Colors of Life.” He’s got it down!

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