Jeff Cosgrove/Matthew Shipp/William Parker: Alternating Current

Three musicians, three songs, sixty minutes. Worried? Don’t be.

Drummer Jeff Cosgrove mixes it up with Matthew Shipp/p and William Parker/b, and do the nearly impossible in that they definitely freely improvise, but without a trace of cataclysmic cacophony or self indulgent soloing. They focus on lyricism, interplay, mood, and, yes, melody here. The 38 minute “Bridges of Tomorrow” is an impressive opus that slowly builds up like a slowly emerging Omar Sharif in the desert before finally reaching its destination and climax. Shipp sails as his brooding fingers change pace and textures in fascinating ways and directions. “Alternating Current (For Andrew Cyrille)” includes some thoughtful musings by the pensively plucking and bowing Parker, and Paul Motian’s closing “Victoria” closes the album with a strolling walk down a rarely traveled path. More simmering sizzles than flying sparks, and it works impressively well here. Give it a shot.

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