Mark Alban Lotz: Solo Flutes

You gotta have either a) chops b) chutzpah or c) perfect timing for a horn player to successfully do a solo album. Flautist Mark Alban Lotz throws down the flute gauntlet, and pulls off an impressive salvo.

He wisely mixes and matches instruments, with concert, alto, bass, pvc contrabass and prepared flutes all chipping in for the 17 compositions and improvisations.  Some of the tunes such as “Albert Speaks” come off more like sound effects like woodwind  pads and breathing, while “PVC Mantra” is reminiscent of Tibetan Monk chants. Mixing voice and flute pop up now and then as on “The Fish of the Day” while breathy blowing is used as a tribute on “For Rahsaan.” Whirlwinds swirl on “Dear Month” and contrast with meditative tones as on “Whisper Alap.” And, if all you want is a lovely melody, Lotz delivers with grace on “Major City” and “Piccolo for Makeba.” Something for everyone, and especially if you’re looking for inspiration as a student.

Lop Lop Productions

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