Judith Shatin: Time To Burn

Mixing electronic with acoustic music, Judith Shatin features piano, clarinets, percussion, oboe , strings and various electronics on this widely varied collection of what is essentially 21st Century classical music. A four piece “Glyph” consists of eighteen minutes of piano that is at times melancholy, yearning and dizzying with The Cassatt String Quartet. Aaron Hill’s oboe sounds like a honking  Khaen from Thailand on the percussive “Time to Burn” while the  electronics on “Hoshech Al P’ney HaTehon” is filled with ominous moods. The closing “Elijah’s Chariot” with The Cassatt String Quartet and electronics ends the album as a true Baal buster with lots of moments that are both cerebral and visceral.

Innova Records


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