Christina Dahl: Life’s Carousel

Tenor saxist Christina Dahl must be the love child of Sonny Rollins, as she’s got that same strong, beefy and voluminous sound that is so endearing and enduring. She’s no mere imitation, though as she writes her own material and along with Niclas Knudsen/g, Jesper Lundgaard/b and Espen Laub von Lillienskjold/dr goes both inside and out like a relief pitcher on this album.

Free form pieces suich as “Thundering Heart” and the title track reveal and spotlight Dahl’s assertiveness, with kinetic support by Lillienskjold creating sparks of light. The rhythm team creates gentle but forward moving pulses on “Intuitive Spring” and “New Space New Age” which allow Dahl to show her range of dynamics. She broods and rolls in like a swampy fog on “Blue Longings” while going lyical on “Lifetile” with Lundaard and goes breathy with Knudsen on the ballad “Quest for The True Nightingale.” Just listening to her tone for the entire album is a guaranteed balm for whatever ails you.

Storyville Records

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