Christian Wallumrod Ensemble: Outstairs

Christian Wallumrod leads a band of Eivind Lonning/tp, Gjermund Larsen/v-vio, Espen Reinsertsen/ts, Tove Torngren/cel and Per Oddvar johansen/dr-vib along with his own selection of keyboards on this latest release.  The pieces here all have a very moody, dark and eerie mood to them. The static plodding of the piano on “Stille Rock” or the eerie harmonium on “Bunadsbangla” sound more like the background movie to a suspense film than anything else. The suspenseful reeds on “Tridii 2” might send shivers up your spine, while “Very Slow” has subdued vibes, strings and piano keys that make you wait for something to jump out of the dark at you. A good ghost story would go along with this soundtrack very well.

ECM Records

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