Jimmy Mulidore: Jazz For The Ages (cd), And His New York City Jazz Band (dvd)

Reedist Jimmy Mulidore shows on this disc that he can (almost) do it all. He’s a hard bopper on the clarinet with  some mind blowing material like “Giant Steps” and “Countdown,” a funky flutist on “A Time For Love,” and an excellent on his own “Muldoon’s Mood.”  His bass clarinet on “A Love Supreme” is rich and thick, while he can also get 70s funky on the soprano during “For Moody’s Sake.” He’s got chops and style, the only thing that makes me not say GO AND GET IT NOW is that the sessions with the clarinet are engineered rather weakly. The sound is a bit distant. If you can tolerate the bootleg sound of the licorice stick, hang in there for the rest of the first rate stuff.

Mulidore leads a hot band on a NYC gig on this dvd with Richie Cole/as, Randy Brecker/tp, Kevin Axt/b, Ron Feuer/p, Santo Savino/dr and Carlos Vasquez/perc. Once again on just about every woodwind, Mulidore tears apart pieces like “Patterns” and “Joshua” while altoist Cole ain’t exactly slacking on “Dis-Dat.” The band is running on all eight cylinders, and the sound here is much more consistent than with the dvd. The camera work is not exactly professional, however, but, once again, if you can overlook that, you’ll treat yourself to some top notch blowing.


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