Cynthia Felton: Freedom Jazz Dance, Rebecca Sullivan & Mike Allemana: This Way, This Time

Here are a couple of ladies that take a completely different approach to singing, and both work marvelously.

Cynthia Felton has a golden and rich voice, range as big as the Grand Canyon and a vibrato that would make Sidney Bechet jealous. She’s done song books in the past, such as Ellington,etc, and this time she hits the jazz standards and beyond with a cooking team that includes John Beasley-Cyrus Chestnut/p, Edwin Livingston-Robert Hurst, Lorca Hart and a rotating series of other guests and cameos. Her readings of material here is creative and alluring. A version of “Take 5” that sounds more richly African than Middle Eastern, an amalgamation of  “Better Than Anything” with a Killer Joe groove, and a seductive “Close Your Eyes” are just a few of the highlights here. She goes comfy and intimate on a bass and drums take of “My Love Is” and enchants on a vibrant “Cherokee” that is charging like a wild mustang. Thrilling music all through the session, and solos by Wallace Roney and Ernie Watts here and there don’t hurt a bit!

Rebecca Sullivan goes the completely opposite route. She teams up with guitarist Mike Allemana for a series of tunes that sound like part of the Newport Folk Festival. Her gentle and cheerful demeanor could easily be in front of a band like Fairport Convention, and with most folkies, most of the tunes are about, what else? Relationships! Stories about distant loves in “The Shining Sea” or even marriage-YES PEOPLE STILL GET MARRIED-on a lovely take of Brian Wilson’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” She can also swing, as on the jazzy “Human Racing,” and coos with fragility on an intimate “You Are There.”

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