Sam Newsome: Sopranoville

Everyone agrees that the soprano sax is the most unforgiving of the jazz reed instruments. Sam Newsome takes that challenge and creates an album that features 22 various tunes that have the horn produce sounds, music and effects in a variety of ways, some of them quite melodic, other times for acoustic experimentation.

Newsome uses his reeds with additional objects like Scotch tape, aluminum foil, a plastic straw and chimes to mix with various tongings, slurps and gurgles. He even uses the key pads for percussion on “Cliktopia Part 1” while wild screeches and ruminations are found in material like “The Droppler Effect.” The variety of sounds that Newsome makes is quite impressive, but using them within the framework of a working band would have made this album more than a novelty. Any free thinking rhythm sections for hire?

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