The Core-Tet: The Core-Tet  Project

The team of Evelyn Glennie/perc, Jon Hemmersam/g, Szilard Mezei/viola and Michael Jefry Stevens/p form an ensemble that focuses on freely improvised music. The difference between this and “free jazz” is that these artists come from a classical background, making the pieces with less atonality and a bit more intuitive structure. Stevens’ staccato’d piano leads the way on “Steel-Ribbon Dance” and “The Calling” while moments of sublime beauty take  place with strings and guitar during “Silver Shore.” Some frisky rustling of strings and percussion takes place on pieces such as “Scissor Shower” and the scurrying “Flutter Gaze” while tonal Jackson  Pollack moods take place on “Crystal Splash.” Felt more than heard.



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